Start learning about crypto – for Phemex’s rewards

This summer will be awesome for cryptocurrencies, as Phemex plays a significant role in increasing the use of blockchain technology with the release of a free educational program on June 17th – Learn & Earn.

This module will explain every major topic of crypto exchanges and more to eliminate your crypto tech worries. Even better, the program’s graduates will instantly be rewarded with trading bonuses and cryptos.

The more you know, the bigger is the bonus

Massive adoption is a must for every new technology to reach its potential. And since crypto is not the easiest term to understand, people need a little push.

Therefore, Phemex designed the crypto courses to have an individual exam whose passing gets rewarded with trading bonuses or cryptocurrencies.

The more courses you complete, the bigger your gains are. Plus, if you understand how the crypto area works, you will more likely explain it to others. So the learning chain doesn’t stop at you.

With your help, crypto will finally overcome fiat, bringing with it more cyber-security for your assets and the freedom of third parties.

Phemex’s courses design

To make the crypto learning experience more enjoyable and easier to comprehend, Phemex decided to teach newcomers with one-minute videos.

Everything starts from the base – the first course being titled “Fiat Currency VS Cryptocurrency”, with the following chapters:

What is Fiat Currency?
What is Cryptocurrency?
How does a Cryptocurrency work?

Soon, more lessons will be available, being ranked from basic to expert, in a logical and easy-to-follow system.

Launch promotion

The Learn & Earn program is big news, and it can’t meet the world without a celebration. That’s why Phemex has a special promotion on social media and Gleam, which will select 20 lucky participants to win $100 in trading bonus each.

What are you waiting for? Start learning about crypto and get us closer to a carefree financial life!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Phemex.

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