Start Your DeFi Adventure with Defiqa

Let’s be honest. The traditional banking system has a lot of problems and continues to get worse each day. From lack of data and financial protection to high rates, delayed transactions, and irrational deleted accounts.

That’s what happens when a centralized party operates it. You can’t be sure about your financial condition because unexpectedly, something can change. The uncertainty and lack of autonomy push people away from the traditional banking system.

The world economy is extremely vulnerable, and this needs to change. And luckily, with its fully decentralized banking system, Defiqa set the wheels in motion.

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What is Defiqa?

Defiqa is a new DeFi platform that integrates a wide variety of financial activities into blockchain technology.

That makes the transactions completely independent of banks, giving you full control over your assets, quicker payments, and data security. Defiqa’s community governs the platform, and everybody is equally important.

And the best part – you don’t need to give your full data history to create an account. Everything is encrypted, and nobody knows who you are or where you are from. Therefore you and your assets are safe.

What financial products do they have?

Even if the company is pretty new on the market, Defiqa conquered many people due to its wide variety of financial products, which expands the crypto usability.

Yield Farming

Not so long ago, this business technique was available just with the intervention of third parties. However, with DeFi expanding its potential, Defiqa offers it on the blockchain as well.

If you are not familiar with this term, think about this simple scenario:

You lend some crypto to someone, expending an interest. The borrower lends those cryptocurrencies to someone else, and so on. In the end, you get compound interest.

Simple, right?


Vaults are a new generation of crypto wallets that are not connected to any kind of network – adding a new security layer to your account. They are perfect if you are planning to hold your assets for a long term profit.

Lending markets

Lending markets are pretty similar to lending on banks but without third parties. Not just that you can set yourself free from the inconsistent picky behavior of bank employees, but it’s a lot faster. The lending and borrowing activities are done instantly, with no need for someone to validate them.

Non-fungible tokens

These are perfect for people who like variety, moving from one platform to another. They are a new type of cryptocurrencies that preserve ownership rights, are transferable and authentic.


With promising companies like Defiqa, the DeFi technology will soon conquer more and more economic enthusiasts, bringing closer a future that is more financially healthy, safer, quicker, and of course, carefree.

Don’t miss the chance to get DFI tokens on presale if you want to be part of the Defiqa family. Set up your account and start your DeFi experience!

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