Sushi DAO declines CB Recruitment’s remuneration proposal – despite helping recruit head chef

Sushi DAO (SUSHI) declined the blockchain recruitment company CB Recruitment’s proposal to get paid for its role in recruiting Sushi’s Head Chef, Jared Gray.

Roughly 80% of the cast votes declined or abstained from voting on the proposal — 55.26% declined while 24.1% abstained.  Of the 20% who wanted the CB Recruitment paid, 14% wanted the DAO to pay the company its requested $100,000 — $50,000 in USDC and another $50,000 SUSHI tokens immediately.

Legal expert Nick Rishwain said in a Feb. 28 tweet that he felt the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol was “going above and beyond to get this passed.” According to Rishwain, the Forum post had only nine votes despite generating a lot of commentaries.

CB Recruitment countered that:

“Recruitment services are an established way of doing business, with agencies now existing for over a century. We’re simply bringing things into the future and allowing DAOs to stitch established practices into their fabric.”

In October 2022, the head chef had pled that the recruitment’s parent company’s willingness to take on a more extended partnership with Sushi should be considered fell on deaf ears.

CB Recruitment celebrates its role in Sushi’s head chef recruitment

Despite Sushi DAO’s reluctance to reward CB Recruitment’s role in appointing its head chef, the company said it achieved a first by successfully placing a C-level hire with a DAO. 

According to a press statement shared with CryptoSlate, CB Recruitment continued that this demonstrated its reputation for sourcing the best candidates in the web3 space. It added:

This unprecedented Web3 event could become a blueprint for how DAOs hire and help others to navigate future B2B and B2C relationships in the industry.”

Since Grey was appointed Sushi’s head chef, he has donated his $250,000 severance package to the DAO’s Treasury to help the ecosystem’s growth. Besides that, he has helped increase the protocol’s Treasury to $30.6 million with a burn rate of around $5 million annually.

Meanwhile, he said that the future of DeFi is in asset-backed tokens.

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