Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Takes Another Bite of DeFi with New Token Addition

Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Takes Another Bite of DeFi with New Token Addition

The famous Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA has again expanded its cryptocurrency offerings after adding three new tokens to its current six. This Monday, on May 3rd, 2021, the FINMA licensed bank announced that it would now support three new decentralized finance tokens, Uniswap’s UNI, Synthetix’s SNX, and Yearn.Finance’s YFI. This expansion is a part of SEBA continuous exploration of the DeFi space, as the crypto bank has always been an active participant in the DeFi space. Now clients will enjoy the benefits of these three new tokens, including the investment, custodial, and trading services these tokens offer.

Per the bank’s announcement, “the expanded array of coins and tokens will also be available across SEBA Bank’s investment solutions, including tailor-made and actively managed client portfolios in the framework of individualized discretionary mandates.”

Each token offers a unique opportunity to investors; UNI is a stablecoin offered by Uniswap, a well-known decentralized trading protocol that eases the swapping of crypto assets. SNX is a unique hybrid coin offered by Synthetix, a DeFi protocol that provides digital assets to on-chain exposure by converting real-world assets into ERC-20 tokens. And last but not least, YFI is the native cryptocurrency of Yearn.Finance, a DeFi aggregator that optimizes yield farming rewards, with over $3 billion in reserve assets.

These tokens will be joining six already offered tokens, Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Coinbase’s USDC stablecoin. Each of SEBA’s token offerings has been carefully selected and vetted by SEBA Research, a unit of SEBA that focuses on qualitative and quantitative testing, metrics and analysis of the Value accrual mechanism, Tokenomics, and supporting protocol of digital assets

SEBA bank offers a seamless, secure, and accessible bridge between digital assets and traditional or real-world assets. The crypto bank provides dedicated asset management, research on digital assets, and secure access to the crypto world to several parties, including Banks, asset managers, and investors worldwide. The bank aims to inspire and empower investors with certain and vertically integrated services that follow the entire life cycle of a financial product.

SEBA has long since shown dedication to the DeFi space, steadily increasing its crypto offerings as the second quarter of the year begins. “Investor interest in digital assets is multiplying, and many want to go beyond bitcoin. SEBA Bank offers investors bespoke access to the return drivers and diversification benefits of this new asset class. We are pleased to provide our expertise in digital assets to build exposure in this new asset class,” COO Alistair Heggie says.


Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Takes Another Bite of DeFi with New Token Addition

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