The NFT Project Already On The Moon

The NFT Project Already On The Moon

Take a walk to a big social media site like Twitter or Reddit and there is a great chance that you will see articles about NFTs or tweets surrounding the NFT ecosystem within thirty minutes after logging in. NFTs are here to stay, and every day, the space is expanding. Some celebrities have jumped on the NFT train, with some of them creating memorabilia for their teeming fans. One of them that comes to mind is Snoop Dogg. Big basketball teams in the NBA are embracing this wave of NFTs, and some of them are churning out their tickets in the form of NFTs. The priciest NFT, ‘5000 days’, by Beeple sold for $69 million on auction at Christies. This ecosystem is a new one, leaving a lot of room for growth and exploration.

A great deal of NFTs that we see today have their arms around art, dynamic abstract realms, and space exploration. Being a part of NFTs today is owning a piece of blockchain history.

What are NFTs And Why Is Everyone Crazy About Them?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens, and it is created on the blockchain like cryptocurrencies, but that is where the similarity withers. NFT is non-fungible, unlike cryptocurrencies which are fungible. Cryptocurrencies can easily be traded for one another, meaning that one bitcoin is equal to another bitcoin, the same as one dollar can be traded for another dollar bill (fungible), but one NFT is not equal to one NFT. Every NFT has a digital signature that prevents it from being exchanged for another one. A Snoop Dogg NFT is not equal to an NBA Top Shot clip, and one NBA Top Shot Clip is not equal to another NBA Top Shot Clip.

Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and entrepreneur, has taken a deep seated interest in the realms of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He owns the instagram handle @NFT and has ventured to educate the public on the immense impact that NFT blockchain technology will have on the future of everything we own, from art to real estate.

So What About the Moon NFTs?

A new project called XtotheX is a virtual cosmic landscape consisting of plots of land centered around the moon and a series of Xs. Each plot is an NFT called an ‘X-Block’. Each X-Block has its own individual coordinates making it unique and Non-Fungible. They also have other points of individuality. Some X-Blocks are in space, some are on the moon, others in the ‘X’ and so on. These geo-spacial attributes add an extra layer of differentiation that visually separates each X-Block from the next.

As an owner of an X-Block NFT, you can now build upon your land. XtotheX allows owners to personalize their X-Blocks by adding images, text and links. While not all X-Blocks have the same abilities, the vast majority allow you to fill your land with an image and add an external URL link. Perhaps you have your own NFT art project and social account attached, maybe a new cryptocurrency project, a passion, or just a favorite color. Add those to your X-Blocks or just take a look around, bask in the cosmic scenery and look for inspiration.

So XtotheX is here to stay?

NFTs are here to stay, and XtotheX is no different. This virtual land will exist as long as the internet remains. They are a visualization of the Blockchain technology behind them. Updates X-Block release dates are on the way, along with the chance to own a part of blockchain history. All X-Blocks can be bought and sold on the marketplace using a MetaMask wallet.

With XtotheX being an indication of exponential growth, but only 577 X-Blocks ever available, the moon seems like a good reference point for this real estate investment.

The NFT Project Already On The Moon

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