The Novatar — Your New Identity And Virtual Presence In All Metaverses

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Take advantage of the newly launching NFT project, The Novatar, to get a new identity and experience the adventure of virtual life in all Metaverses. 

The 25,000 Novatars are all newborn babies, each unique and with different facial expressions and features. The Novatars also have different skin colors and races. As part of

The Novatar’s working mechanism on the blockchain, each newborn baby avatar can grow the moment it is minted.

The time of minting is left in the hands of the owner, meaning that the Novatar owner chooses when to start aging their baby Novatar into an adult. 

Baby Novatar possesses 9 basic genes. As aging takes place, the baby Novatar does not lose these 9 childhood genes but carries them into adulthood.

An adult Novatar has 14 genes and 10 of these are basic while 4 are optional. 

For baby avatars, every gene contains 6 different variations. For adult avatars, however, there are 11 variations per gene (except for the genes responsible for skin, hair, eyes and eyebrows colors).

What are the usability options for Novatars?

A Novatar owner can use his/her Novatar for either of the following:

As your digital identity on all social networks and Metaverses with a Novatar that resembles or suits your virtual identityIn real-life events that the members of the Novatar community will organize

Things to note about Novatars

Developers have created a maximum supply of 25,000 NovatarsThe Novatars start as newborn babies These baby Novatars evolve into adults, a process that begins right after the owner starts minting them.In adulthood, the Novatars can have one of these 5 professions- Developer, Gamer, Astronaut, Doctor, or Blogger.As aging takes place, more genes are developedThese genes make it possible for more rare types of Novatars to exist. Each of these Novatars would again be unique in its wayOne can’t predict what sexual orientation a baby Novatar will conform to at adulthood.

The Novatar project works on the principle that the NFT avatars can transform their baby into an adult. Once the Novatar is transformed into an adult it can never go back to a baby.

The grown-ups will feature characteristic attributes of real-life adulthood, including style, having a profession, and conformation to a particular sexual orientation.

About Novatars

There is a collection of 25,000 Novatars on the Novatar project, each capable of representing the owner in their virtual lives.

The Novatars are all unique with differentiating features and expressions on their faces, different colors, and different races. 

Visit the following pages for more information about The Novatar project Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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