The Sandbox Brings In NFT Interoperability With VoxoDeus Partnership

The partnership will bring the project’s first NFT interoperability project to the metaverse. The team will also work on integrating some of the VoxoDeus characters into The Sandbox. 

The Sandbox has announced that it has partnered with Voxodeus, a game-changing 3D interactive collectible. VoxoDeus’s pre-sale is currently ongoing on OpenSea. VoxoDeus has 6313 characters, and The Sandbox will closely work with the team to integrate some of the characters into The Sandbox and for co-marketing activities. 

Based In The Cypherverse 

The NFT characters, known as Voxos, are based in the Cypherverse. The Cypherverse contains five species ranging from Mechanical Robots to Ethereal Ascendii. It also includes four factions and three rarities. 

Players can view all Voxos from any angle, enable custom 3D backgrounds, Zoom-in and Zoom-out, and also enable sound. The team at The Sandbox believes that these features make VoxoDeus a perfect fit. 

NFT Minters Can Bring Their Voxos Into The Sandbox 

The Sandbox has created a unique world where players can build and monetize their gaming experiences. This is made possible thanks to NFTs and the utility token for The Sandbox $SAND. 

Thanks to its partnership with VoxoDeus, NFT minters on VoxoDeus can bring their characters into the SandBox. The Sandbox is also toying with the idea of VoxoDeus Land. Initially, all 32 VoxoDeus archetypes will be transformed into The Sandbox equivalents. 

3D NFTs, The Next NFT Frontier 

After the success of 2D NFTs, the next logical step is to enter the 3D NFT space. Interactive 3D NFTs, like VoxoDeus, aims to take the Meta-verse experience to the next level. 

VoxoDeus is also doing a giveaway, where every Voxos minted before May 10th will receive a replication of the minter’s original VoxoCube in The SandBox. 

About The Sandbox 

A decentralized virtual gaming world, The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Creators on the platform can create 3D Voxel assets, create a game experience and then monetize the game experience by utilizing NFTs and The Sandbox’s native token $SAND. 

The platform is based on blockchain technology and explores the idea of possible ownership of the gaming world by players. 

The Sandbox brings blockchain into gaming and has a clear vision

To improve player security 
True ownership 
Digital scarcity 
Monetization capabilities for NFTs

About VoxoDeus 

VoxoDeus was created to bring value for minters while also creating something that would capture the community’s imagination. It is the world’s 3D interactive collectible NFT. Each NFT is known as a Voxo. There are a total of 6313 Voxos, all of which are spread across different traits, species, and rarity levels. 

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