The TCOIN Token to Chart a New Course in the Tourism Industry

PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain-backed ecosystem, the Travel Coin Project, set to challenge the status quo by leveraging the ever-growing technology.

The Travel Coin project is looking like a gamechanger in the tourism industry as the blockchain-backed solution is looking to bring freedom to different stakeholders in the market. The ecosystem includes the Travel Coin token, otherwise known as TCOIN, the Travel Coin Mobile App, and the all-inclusive Travel Coin Dashboard. The comprehensiveness of the project and its versatility, especially as it allows everyone and anyone to leverage decentralization in the tourism industry, are some of the unique features of the Travel Coin project.

The popularity and acceptance of blockchain technology have continued to increase over the years, as more businesses across different industries look to harness its features and benefits. The multi-billion-dollar tourism industry has also embraced the technology, with the emergence of a wide range of solutions backed by blockchain. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions do not effectively address the needs of service providers and customers due to their incomprehensiveness. However, the team at the Travel Coin project as led by Dan Sebastian, aims to change this narrative through their all-inclusive ecosystem.

The primary goal of the project is to allow as many people as possible, especially customers of the tourism industry, to use blockchain technology, leveraging a simple-to-use ecosystem backed by the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. The ecosystem is designed to facilitate instant transfer of TCOIN tokens, the major currency of the project while also allowing business owners in the industry to reward their loyal customers by using the currency as a loyalty token.

Problems of The Tourism Industry

Despite the increasing growth of the tourism industry, stakeholders still face a wide range of challenges that have stalled the progress of the market in recent times. Challenges such as high reservation fees, difficulty in attracting customers, customer retention, and adoption of new technologies are some of the problems faced by customers and service providers.

Features of The Travel Coin Ecosystem

The ecosystem is designed to solve the several identified challenges of the tourism industry. The solutions are briefly highlighted as follows:

Zero booking and management fees
Tourists attraction through a well-thought-out, decentralized and secure reward system
A modern ecosystem that consists of premium user-friendly mobile application
Personalized experience through targeted information and recommendations.

Travel Coin Mobile App

The Travel Coin mobile app is one of the integral parts of the Travel Coin ecosystem, with features designed to help users access the amazing benefits of the structure on any smart mobile device irrespective of their location. Features of the app are highlighted as follows:

Available on iOS AppStore & Google Play.
Hotel Search and Booking.
TCOIN token Wallet.
Digital currency Wallets.
Prices of TCOIN token-based services.
TCOIN token reward information.
TCOIN partners map.
QR code TCOIN transactions.
Friends list.
Hotel & Services customer reviews.
User-friendly admin interface for tourist business owners to manage their TCOIN tokens and effective customer engagement

Features of The Travel Coin Dashboard

Availability on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
TCOIN token-based service management.
Multiple team management.
TCOIN Rewards Tracking.
Profile Analytics.
Messages to customers.
Buy TCOIN tokens.
Premium services.
Loyal customers rewards.
Targeted notifications.
In-app advertising.

The Versatility of the TCOIN Token

The TCOIN token is unprecedented in the tourism industry, particularly due to its comprehensiveness and versatility. The token can be used as a reward in the industry, allowing businesses to attract new customers and reduce booking fees to zero.

TCOIN can also be traded on different digital currency exchanges and platforms for other cryptos.
Tourists can use the tokens anywhere in the world, including partner locations.
Backed by the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, TCOIN tokens is fast, cheap, and secured by validators worldwide, and are transferable using blockchain technology.

For more information about the Travel Coin Project and how to be a part of the tourism industry revolution, please visit – The revolution also continues across social media, including Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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