Unmarshal-DePay Partnership To Empower Former’s Products And User Experience

Unmarshal, the multi-chain DeFi data network, has announced a partnership with DePay, a centralized crypto payment platform. Unmarshal will be helping DePay build a platform that uses customized and curated data APIs from multiple chains.

DePay converts tokens owned by a buyer to assets desired by the seller. The data it requires are token balances, transactions, decoded transaction details that can be sourced from Ethereum, and decentralized protocols like Uniswap and other crypto assets. 

Collaboration To Empower DePay’s Products

DePay payment button allows users to accept crypto payments directly on their website or dApp; no further coding is needed. Crypto payments and receiving donations are made in a matter of minutes. It also simplifies the selling or swapping tokens, allowing users to pay with any token they own.

The collaboration aims to develop and empower DePay to provide its users with a unique experience. This will be applied to all the products and product implementations that function on DePay’s platform. 

Alexander Paul, CMO, and Founder of DePay, states,

“Unmarshal is amazing. These guys will establish and stay the number one multi-chain data source in DeFi. DePay shares the same blockchain agnostic values and quality requirements — that’s why we aim for a strong partnership and BUIDL with Unmarshal.”

Unmarshal Offers Benefits A-Plenty To DePay

DePay will leverage Unmarshal’s data APIs and query on-chain data such as wallet balances and transactions. Unmarshal’s decoders will extract rich contextual data from blockchains, which will allow DePay users to have an enhanced, seamless, and intuitive usuality.

Unmarshal will support DePay’s team for their upcoming products too. These products are Swap, Subscription, Wallet, Credit, and Payroll, and will benefit from the collaboration in the long run. Manohar Kolagondanahalli, CEO and Founder of Unmarshal, states,

“DePay is an innovative blockchain-based solution which is easy to integrate and ready to use. We’re happy to partner with them to provide access to decoded blockchain data.”

About DePay

DePay is a decentralized payment protocol that was founded as a DeFi startup. It simplifies crypto payments. DePay has delivered crypto payment solutions with a notable impact on the blockchain industry. DePay is based in Zug, aka the Swiss “Crypto Valley.”

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a DeFi Data Network that works across multiple blockchains. It facilitates seamless access to on-chain data for all kinds of decentralized applications. Unmarshal has added support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, PolkaDot, and Substrate-based projects such as StaFi.

They’re currently working with Polygon, diving into Layer-2 networks and empowering dApp developers to have easy access to on-chain data.

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