Video Game Retail Giant Gamestop Reveals More Clues About Upcoming NFT Marketplace

At the end of May, crypto advocates discovered a website created by the video game retailer Gamestop. The web portal disclosed that Gamestop was entering the world of blockchain tech and non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Gamestop’s NFT web portal has recently been updated and is requesting creators to sign up for the platform.

Gamestop NFT Website Hints at Upcoming Marketplace Launch

Gamestop (Nasdaq: GME) has had an interesting year, to say the least. It all started at the start of the year in January, when the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets sparked a Gamestop shares trading war with Wall Street hedge funds. At the time, Goldman Sachs executive David Kostin said “if the short squeeze continues, the entire market could crash.” After the Wallstreetbets fiasco fizzled out of the limelight, Gamestop has managed to remain relevant after facing bankruptcy, and shares traded for $19.26 per unit on December 30, 2020. Today, those same GME shares are swapping for $146.46 per unit, up 655.73% since that day.

Furthermore, Gamestop revealed a new NFT website at the end of May, indicating that the company was dipping its feet into the world of NFTs. Prior to the website launch, on April 8, 2021, Gamestop disclosed it was hiring a security analyst that has experience with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. The website didn’t give much information when it first launched but today, Gamestop’s NFT web portal says it is looking for NFT creators.

“Calling all creators,” Gamestop’s website says. “Request to be a creator on the Gamestop NFT marketplace,” the new description adds.

The Gamestop NFT marketplace appears to be prepping for launch and the creator sign-up form asks a number of questions. The questionnaire asks what the NFT creator would like to be called and whether or not they describe themselves as an “independent artist, creator, game dev, or meme lord.” Gamestop also asks if the person has a website and if they have ever created an NFT. The Gamestop questionnaire further asks the person if they have “ever used an Ethereum wallet before.”

Loopring Speculation

There’s a lot of speculation that Gamestop will be working with the layer two (L2) project Loopring. At the end of November, a Canadian reporter asked Loopring’s CEO Daniel Wang about the Gamestop speculation. After the reporter told Wang that there’s been “a lot of rumors about a potential partnership with Gamestop” and then asked the CEO if the “potential deal” was legitimate, Wang replied:

I cannot comment on that.

As of today, Gamestop has not disclosed any more information about the official marketplace launch, how it will work, or what projects the company is working with right now. The Ethereum contract stored on Gamestop’s web portal and the new question about using an Ethereum wallet has led many to believe the NFT marketplace software will be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

What do you think about Gamestop updating the NFT website and hinting about an upcoming marketplace launch? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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