Wasabi Wallet And Bull Bitcoin Grant Bitcoin Knots 0.86 BTC

Bitcoin-focused businesses Bull Bitcoin and zkSNACKs have granted 0.86 BTC toward development of open-source Bitcoin client Bitcoin Knots.

Earlier this week, Wasabi Wallet creator zkSNACKs and Canadian bitcoin exchange Bull Bitcoin announced they would be donating a no-strings-attached grant toward Bitcoin Knots development.

The two Bitcoin-focused companies split a 0.86 BTC (or about $40,000, at the time of this writing) contribution in support of the development of Bitcoin Knots, a node and wallet software that can serve as an alternative to Bitcoin Core.

This grant is a great example of Bitcoin-focused companies investing in projects that advance the ecosystem, and ultimately their own best interests, through development grants. Both zkSNACKs and Bull Bitcoin have built businesses that rely on Bitcoin Knots and it is important that they support the development of that underlying technology.

“Leading by example is the motivation behind our contribution and we want to make sure that people see our support for the development of open-source software in the Bitcoin ecosystem and are inspired to follow suit,” Daniel Belushka of Wasabi Wallet told Bitcoin Magazine.

We saw a massive trend of Bitcoin development grants in 2020 and it is fantastic to see more happening in early 2021. Let’s hope other companies take note and follow Wasabi Wallet and Bull Bitcoin’s lead in supporting Bitcoin development.

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