What CryptoWendy says of Bitcoin, Polkadot, and NFTs in 2021

You’ve probably already heard of CryptoWendy if you’ve been following the space since at least 2017. She’s the bright-eyed, enthusiastic, always-smiling crypto educator and marketer known for her long-time trading channel on YouTube.

Wendy—her first name—jumped into the Bitcoin and blockchain rabbit hole in 2017 after a seven-year-stint at a healthcare company. She switched full-time to the space in 2018, starting her own company to help crypto and blockchain projects with their marketing, business development, brand building, media solutions, and professional events.

Today, Cryptonites host Alex Fazel caught up with Wendy to discuss her story, her long-term view on the space, Bitcoin, and what 2021 holds, in her opinion, for NFTs and other emerging crypto subsectors.

Wendy in conversation. Image: CryptoNites

Here’s what they said.

Trading Bitcoin with CryptoWendy

When it comes to trading calls, Wendy is upfront about no one being 100% correct in their market prediction, “No algorithm is 100% right? No indicators 100% right like we no one can predict what’s going to happen in the future. People argue that and say that, you know, I’ve had very amazing accurate calls, but I’m not right all the time.”

She added that Bitcoin is a free market at the end of the day: One that’s all about making “your own decisions, owning up to it, and being responsible for your actions and when you’re copying somebody else.” 

“Having confidence is the hardest thing to do for a lot of us but you have to believe in yourself,” she said on trading Bitcoin and staying in a trade.

Wendy also keeps it very simple with the actual trading process itself. This means there are no fancy, niche indicators on her charts, and there are the robust moving averages (which determine market trend) instead. I really enjoy using the EMA 9, 21, 50, 100. “It just works really well with all coins, except when we’re going parabolic because when you’re going parabolic, you have no idea what’s gonna happen next,” she said in the regard.

Her Bitcoin charts are no more complex, although she does make use of a certain “paid” indicator, “It’s really just a lot of support and resistance. If money is leaving, you probably want to open a short because that means the price is going to go down because there’s no water that’s going into the pond.”

Market analysis and moving her daughter’s saving to Bitcoin

Alongside technical analysis, Wendy added that she analyses the market with a day-to-day approach instead of sitting on a single approach. “Because things are things move so fast in crypto and they change so it kind of really depends what I’m looking at and that those are some of the tactics that I use,” she explained.

She’s also putting her sats where her mouth is…and even her daughter’s. In the podcast, Wendy shared that she had invested all the money in her daughter’s savings account into Bitcoin (on her behalf)—a position that seems to have worked out well.

“I went ahead and bought her a Bitcoin and she’s got no fiat savings. She has 100% Bitcoin savings and her investment is up like four times no way that is so cool,” she said.

On Polkadot

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Wendy’s a big fan of Polkadot. The high-speed, scalable project is the world’s fourth-largest blockchain project by market cap and is on track to become one of the most-used blockchains in history.

“I’m dollar cost averaging on Polkadot every week. I’ve got a decent bag and I just keep buying more because I really believe in the interoperability of the project,” shared Wendy about her thesis on DOT.

That’s not all, she’s also actively spending her time researching new NFT projects and the various usecases that they can offer for users. “I support all creative aspects. I support entrepreneurs. But my mind goes a little bit deeper,” she said, adding:

“When I’m thinking about NFT’s, I’m thinking about putting healthcare records on the blockchain, real estate records, that type of stuff.”

(What else does Wendy see for Polkadot and NFTs in 2021? What are some more of her tips on Bitcoin trading? Watch the entire 39-minute Cryptonites episode right below!)

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