Will Solana’s Congestion Ridden Network Take SOL Out Of The Top-10 League?

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Traders and Hodlers from the crypto town have been keen on top-performing digital assets. And the industry has been boasting a handful of those, which have registered impeccable returns. Alongside robust fundamentals which have been enticing at the utility front. Successively numerous newer protocols have left legacy coins in dust.

Solana for instance has established its stance in the market, the protocol is welcoming an overwhelming count of adoptions and  integrations. The platform has also been making noteworthy moves within NFT space. Solana gets to  add another feather to its cap, as Visa onboards Zebec. On the other hand, the Solana maker justifies the recent network congestion.

Is Solana’s Bull Run Collared With Limitations?

Solana has been one of front runners in the crypto market off-late, with its overwhelming count of utilities. To its spectrum of updates, is the addition of Visa onboarding its first Solana-based project named Zebec. Which is a programmable cash stream protocol. The initiative would help Zebec get access to the expertise, knowledge, technology, and resources of Visa.

The next update comes from the booming sector of NFTs, MonkeyBall, a gaming platform built on Solana has unveiled its token and NFT drop. The firm has made announcements that the firm will be dropping 5000 Monkeys on the 6th of January at 2pm UTC. The makers have considered the resulting congestions on the network.   

Solana had fallen prey to yet another congestion, which has irked the community. The network was down on the 4th of January, while users suspected it to be a DDoS attack. Solana Labs co-founder in a reply mentions that the congestion was due to mis-metered transitions. And that some users had experienced transactions timing out.

On the other hand, developers and coders get to participate in a Hackathon. Which is hosted by Mtn DAO in alliance with Solana to host a hacker house from the 24th to the 30th of January. The event would see interests revolving around NFTs, DeFi, and more.

Summing up, Solana’s efforts have been yielding the respective results in terms of mass adoption. What still remains a concern is the recurring congestion in the network, which has left users in a dilemma. A resolution to which remains the need of the hour, post which the protocol could lead its undisputed legacy towards greater highs.

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