Will These Upcoming NFT Drops Turntables For Solana’s 80% Leg-up?

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The crypto sphere is now bright and sunny, as a result of which digital assets are now blossoming with pleasing numbers. The greener numbers are now instilling faith for a bullish kickstart to 2022, in dubious minds. The space has been witnessing buzz in numerous protocols with an escalating number of adoptions, integrations, and developments.

Which do play an imperative role in any protocol’s growth metrics. Solana is one such protocol that has been arresting the interests of the crypto fraternity. The utility chain’s gargantuan sprawl is now a benchmark for other protocols. As it has left prominent ones in dust, with its growth metrics. Solana is celebrating its achievements in 2021, meanwhile, the NFTs from the protocol have been trending on public platforms.

Is Solana The New Shark Of Crypto Tank?

Solana has been sprawling across the crypto market at lightning speed, conquering adoptions, integrations, and the limelight. One of the latest updates comes from Friktion going live on Solana mainnet. Which is a project that helps build a portfolio to perform across market cycles, while helping to start generating income. The initiative will enable users to start earning sustainable yields on SOL and BTC.

Solana is celebrating its achievements in 2021 with Solstice while recalling the tremendous rise. In the past eleven months, the network has grown from 360 global validators to 1331. Likewise, the ecosystem has seen a spur from 70 projects to 5,145. From no NFTs to 5 million being minted. TVL has grown to $1.6 B from $100 M. SOL price has surged 11709.8% in one year.

Solana’s NFT Dominance

Solana’s prominence in the NFT space has been growing at an astounding pace. Solana built multiplayer game Mini Royale Nations hits 2M players after NFT launch. The game includes more than 600,000 monthly active users. Faraway hosted an NFT sale that saw Magic Eden bringing in $1.3 M. The firm had raised $30 M in funding. Solana Ventures has set apart $150 M for gaming projects. 

According to sources, the directory of NFT marketplaces includes Magic Eden, SolanArt, Digital Eyes, Alpha Art, Exchange Art, SolSea, and the FTX marketplace. The upcoming NFT drops built on the platform are: How rare drops, Solanalysis, Next drop, Nonfungi, NFT calendar, Ape O’clock, Rarity tools, amongst others.

Collectively, the Solana network has been flourishing across industries focussing on blockchain technology. The space has seen renowned personalities, and celebrities launching their NFTs, and NFT platforms built on Solana. The network’s utilitarian protocol is credible for the growth metrics. Hopefully, Solana will be one of the flagbearers for the alt season.

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