With a Move to Expand Global Outreach, zkTube Partners with Mo Works

With a Move to Expand Global Outreach, zkTube Partners with Mo Works

zkTube recently announced its partnership with Mo Works, a Melbourne-based leading digital solution provider. With a strong community of over 1M members globally, the agency specializes in creating top-notch launch strategies and branding initiatives. With more than eight decades of operational practice, the agency’s reputation precedes itself in supporting prominent blockchain projects.

zkTube’s global community includes 60,000 members from Arabia, Russia, Vietnam, and South Korea. As one of the most promising expansion solutions, the zkTube protocol has attracted attention since the beginning of the project. First proposed by Vitalik Buterin, zkTube uses Layer 2 with zero-knowledge proof to solve the congestion problem of the Ethereum network.

zkTube’s Layer 2 protocol is based on ZK Rollup, which uses zero-knowledge proof using Layer 2’s expansion solution. Layer 2 blockchain technology is often referred to as an “off-chain” solution. Its primary purpose is to scale blockchain transaction capacity while retaining the decentralization benefits of a distributed protocol. Platforms and protocols which work on layer 2 process data in a way that decreases the burden on its root chain. By offloading transactions from the main chain onto Layer 2 platforms, the blockchain network can handle much higher transactions.

Looking to disrupt traditional payment services,  the first Layer2 wallet (PayTube) on top of zkTube network are build by zkTube Labs. The concept of PayTube wallet is a gateway to mapping ERC20/ERC721 Layer1 asset to Layer2, the security remains the same as Layer1, but with the extremely low gas fee for using Ethereum Network, and the transaction would be real time arrived. Also, PayTube Wallet will support a wide range of applications built on Web 3.0 and provide a wallet as an entry point to enterprise-scale decentralized scenarios. In addition, their concentrated friendly development environment will enable more developers and users to use the zkTube protocol for research, thus enriching the zkTube ecosystem.

zkTube is recognized as a disruptor in the scaling solution with a technology solution that offers excellent safety, low gas fee, and optimal zero-knowledge proof mining, it is also understood as Proof of stake.

Recently, zkTube introduced Mo Hamdouna as their global marketing advisor, the founder and managing director of Mo Works, marking the partnership between zkTube and Mo Works. This partnership will work upon:

Supporting the launch of strategic community engagement programs – Bringing zkTube and Mo Works communities together.
Working on exciting projects that support the growth of zkTube like AMAs, Airdrops, events, and bounty campaigns for community holders.
Co-constructing global community to support zkTube while expanding the marketing strategy towards the global launch.

The co-founder of zkTube, Charlene, says,

“the strategic partnership of Mo Works and zkTube will be instrumental in the overall development of the global marketing. But, more importantly, with Mo Works, our partnership will allow us to widen our community globally.”

Mo Hamdouna, founder and MD of Mo works, mentioned,

“zkTube has a sophisticated, intelligent and experienced team who will be disrupting the blockchain payment network industry with a technology solution that offers excellent safety, low gas fee, and optimal POS mining. I am very happy to work with their team on their project and look forward to a great year launching their solution.”

Mo Works also plans to assist the strategic advisory and development of zkTube involving key industry relationships. The team will also bring its extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry that will help boost the overall growth of zkTube.

With a Move to Expand Global Outreach, zkTube Partners with Mo Works

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