AAX Unveils New Zero-Fee Trading Program for Its Spot and Future Crypto Pairs

AAX Unveils New Zero-Fee Trading Program for Its Spot and Future Crypto Pairs

AAX Exchange is offering zero-fee trading to reduce transaction costs, educate amateur crypto users, and increase visibility, highlighting its focused attempt to attract more consumers to the booming crypto ecosystem.

Institutional-Grade Cryptocurrency Financial Platform Takes an Inventive Approach to Winning New Business

AAX, one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges globally, is taking an innovative and creative approach to attracting new customers amid rising transaction costs and neck-to-neck rivalry. The company revealed its intention to launch a highly lucrative zero-fee trading policy for all crypto pairs and DeFi currencies listed on its platform.

Set to launch in early August, this new strategy will allow users trading on the platform to benefit from totally free transactions, both for the maker and taker orders, across all tiers. Compared to the average market rate of 30 basis points per transaction, this zero-fee trading avenue highlights AAX’s commitment to adding value for consumers.

Toya Zhang, COO AAX, remarked, “The financial revolution, spurred on by crypto has only just begun, and we believe now is the right time to make a big move. We live in historical times where we will discover the power of collective action and focus in driving one of the biggest social and economic transformations of the century. With just under 2% of the world’s population in crypto, there is still so much room for growth and we believe removing as many barriers as we can to drive adoption is the right course of action at this stage.”

Since its launch in 2019, it has been at the center of the institutional-grade cryptocurrency ecosystem. AAX offers crypto futures contracts, 50+ spot pairs, P2P fiat trading, saving products, and top-class API integration – all powered by the London Stock Exchange’s technology stack. With AAX providing up to 100x leverage on all Bitcoin and USDT-margined trades, the zero-fee model is designed to help attract traders and investors seeking to save substantially on total trading costs.

From a dedicated large-customer OTC network to a primary FastBuy feature for novice traders, the LSEG-fuelled matching engine allows AAX to process higher turnover at a lower cost quickly. This technology can seamlessly handle huge order volumes while minimizing the likelihood of business interruptions during volatile trading periods, typically accompanied by increased volumes.

With over 500k customers and a plan to drive more traffic to its network, AAX’s comprehensive technology stack is now ready for volume inflow. This latest and unique effort will help introduce new customers to various other helpful trading network features, such as peer-to-peer financing, OTC trading, and an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without entering the exchange platform.

All-in-all, this new zero-fee trading initiative adds value by lowering service costs for users, especially institutional investors, and encouraging higher trading volumes.


AAX Unveils New Zero-Fee Trading Program for Its Spot and Future Crypto Pairs

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