Interview: The Bitcoin Bull Market With David Puell

On-chain bitcoin analyst David Puell joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss the bull market.

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This week for the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles was joined by Bitcoin Magazine researcher Dylan LeClair and pioneer on-chain analyst David Puell.

As Bitcoin leads the way for cryptocurrency adoption and acceptance, market participants are starting to embellish in massive pump and dump activities around alternative coins. This portion of a bitcoin bull market is often referred to as “Alt Season,” and Puell set appropriate expectations around how bitcoiners should see things play out in this bull market. Puell also broke down his scenarios for this bull market.

The group transitioned the topic to trading, and which on-chain and macro indicators Puell uses to gain alpha. Lastly, they closed out with conversation around a super cycle and Bitcoin’s role in the future of finance.

Questions discussed include:

Why are shitcoin outperforming so much in 2021? Is the bull market ending early? What is the current state of the bitcoin market on chain? What is the effect of the derivatives and futures markets in the market structure of bitcoin? Is an increasing amount of liquidity attempting to arbitrage the contango trade up against the global fiat credit markets?Can the contango yields be thought of as a “time value of money,” of sorts? Do you expect volatility to significantly decrease in the coming years?

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