Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Returns To Propel Bitcoin Adoption

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Mazer Gaming, an esports and entertainment organization, has just announced the second edition of its popular Mazer Gaming Gives Back tournament series. Last May, Mazer Gaming hosted their first crypto-infused charity tournament, partnering with The Giving Block to raise money for Us4Warriors in crypto donations. This event was held on “Super Smash Bros.,” a popular fighting game made by Nintendo. It was a huge success, totaling over 500 top-tier players signing up, 50,000 total viewers and thousands of dollars raised. 

On February 21, 2021, Mazer will be partnering with a plethora of crypto companies to host Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2. The goal of this event is to push Bitcoin adoption throughout the stream, run giveaways and raise donations for Gamers Outreach. Gamers Outreach is a nonprofit organization that helps provide equipment, technology and software to help kids cope with treatment inside of hospitals. All crypto donations to support it can be made here. 

Zebedee, BTC Manager and Jet Fuel Finance will be the main sponsors of Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2. They will help support a $1,000 prize pool for hundreds of “Smash” players to compete for on February 21. A variety of giveaways will be provided from Grinding Coffee Co., Start9 Labs and SHamory throughout the event for viewers to win some awesome Bitcoin-related prizes! Start9 Labs will also be donating its Embassy device to the winner of the tournament. Mazer will also be partnering with PinkCoin, Gather Network, BTC Media (note: BTC Media is the operator of Bitcoin Magazine) and Duo Studios to help put together and push out the event. The event will be live streamed over on the Mazer Gaming Twitch channel. It will have a full production studio on board for this event, with many different commentators and guests throughout the day. This will feature Zebedee’s Christian Moss to talk about Bitcoin-infused gaming, alongside Jack Everitt from THNDR Games. The stream will start at 3:00 p.m. EST, and run for hours until a champion is crowned at Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2!

Mazer Gaming is one of the few esports organizations actively involved in the crypto and blockchain space. It has a huge list of sponsors and partners to support its growing efforts in the industry. What makes this event so great is how willing it is to incorporate crypto into its esports events, which generate tens of thousands of viewers. It is a huge believer in Bitcoin and crypto and will continue to incorporate it through donations, payments and NFTs. Mazer Gaming is making all of the right moves to push adoption and education through its industry and we looks forward to seeing it make waves in the crypto and gaming space in the future.

Mazer Gaming is partnering with OpenNode to bring bitcoin payments and payouts to its esports tournaments and eventually to the esports industry as a whole. It believes in pushing Bitcoin adoption and integrating it for its community and sees the partnership with OpenNode as a crucial step toward achieving that.

For more details on the tournament, please see its announcement tweet.
You can find Mazer Gaming at its homepage, on Twitter and on Twitch

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