Neteller: Updates Crypto Features for Their Online Payments Platform is an online payment service provider, which has established a network across the globe. Neteller has successfully created a very successful online payments platform – with over 23 million users worldwide.

Now the platform has expanded its crypto services, and Neteller has totally reimagined how it will offer crypto services to its existing client base.

Neteller users are empowered with speedy and secured transactions, and also can use loads of handy features, from global money transfers and online shopping payments to solid reward programs for joining the community.

Neteller’s integration of crypto offerings isn’t new, but the company is working to give its clients one of the best crypto platforms out there. In the era of digital money, many people are seeking new solutions for their crypto portfolio.

According to the company,

“We have a new dashboard, revamped portfolio page. Customers are able to create price alerts, set recurring (set monthly amounts automatically invested without being required to log in) and conditional (based on price triggers) orders, and have C2C pairs enabled”

Let’s see what Neteller has done to expand its already solid platform.

New Crypto Services from Neteller

With Neteller, users have a variety of different options when it comes to owning and trading cryptos. Here are some of the most useful tools that Neteller offers to its user base.

Neteller Crypto
Neteller Crypto

Buying and Selling Crypto

Neteller utilizes its payment ecosystem to make the purchase and sale of tokens easy.

The platform allows users to purchase multiple major crypto tokens (such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tezos, and Kyber, with more to come in the future) with 28 fiat currencies and via 100+ payment methods.

Buying a token is very easy, especially as the site requires no additional ID verification to approve the order. It only takes a second for your Neteller account to refresh with the new balance after the order has been successfully processed.

Crypto Trading

Neteller offers a basket of user-friendly tools that facilitate crypto trading for its users.

In particular, crypto traders can easily exchange between either fiat currencies or Bitcoin to other popular coins and gain from price discrepancies.

In order to do so, Neteller users can take advantage of various built-in gadgets, such as instant orders, conditional orders, or recurring orders to ensure the right tool is used for the transaction.

An instant order allows you to buy or sell a predetermined amount of your funds at the current market price, while a conditional order is executed once the price reaches your desired range.

Meanwhile, with recurring orders, users can imitate the current order and make it automatically repeat or stop anytime you think it is in your favor, without having to sign in to your account.

The price alert function on Neteller will let you know when a token has entered a range that is interesting to you, and you can buy or sell based on what you think is best.

It will trigger an auto-mail to be sent to your inbox whenever the price on specific cryptos are about to cross the level you set up in advance.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

At the moment, users can send crypto in their wallets to another member of the network directly, either by their phone number or email address.

On the other hand, sending crypto outside to a merchant or a crypto exchange is not an available option yet.

Great Rates in the Crypto Market

Neteller guarantees competitive exchange rates for fiat to crypto transactions and vice versa.

The fees for buying and selling crypto are charged at the execution of the exchange. It’s worth noting that the transaction fee will depend upon the amount of the order.

In detail, users can start exchanging crypto from a minimal amount (approximately EUR 10, with a minor fluctuation for different coins) to the maximum threshold associated with their account type.

The rates for crypto transactions are clearly stated on the main Neteller page as below:

  • USD 0.99 fee for transactions with the amount up to USD 19.99
  • USD 1.99 fee for transactions with the amount from USD 20 to USD 99.99
  • A rate of 1.50% for transactions with the amount from USD 100 or above
  • 0.5% charged on each P2P transaction
Crypto Purchases
Crypto Purchases

How Can I Use Neteller Crypto Services?

To start using Neteller’s crypto features, all it takes is to open an account.

If you already have a Neteller wallet, it’s fine to continue trading crypto on the one you already have!

The most important thing crypto traders should pay attention to is the user dashboard, which has been recently updated with a number of new powerful buttons to support efficient crypto exchange.

On the dashboard, you will find everything you need to trade. For instance, you can either follow real-time price charts under the Markets tab or add all coins you want to observe in the Watch list in the Trade tab.

Payment options
Payment options

Also, you will get easy access to all the order types mentioned above, such as instant order, conditional order, recurring order, or alerts that are set in the dashboard tab.

Another feature Neteller includes is the Profit and Loss Indicator, which shows the difference between the market price and the average purchase price of your funds.

It can represent the estimated profit you could earn from selling off your balance at any given moment and will help you to see how your portfolio is doing in fiat terms.

Become a Neteller VIP and Gain Even More

Last but not least, Neteller provides a set of premium benefits for VIP members, who have made a minimum transaction amount of USD $15,000 per quarter, either in payments to merchants or crypto exchanges.

Neteller VIPs have some pretty substantial perks. For example, they can receive exclusive discounts when sending money or receiving money, or gain considerable savings on processing fees and exchange rates for currency conversions.

The new crypto tools from Neteller make it one of the best options for people that want a seamless bridge between the world of fiat payments, and cryptos. If you would like to learn more about the platform, and all the new features, just click right here!

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