QuickSwap’s Top-Ranked Crypto Podcast Rebrands as ‘The Aggregated’ to Foster Web3 Community Inclusivity

QuickSwap’s highly acclaimed Web3 podcast “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP) has recently undergone a significant rebrand. Adopting the new name “The Aggregated”, QuickSwap’s podcast has been recognized as the top Web3 podcast globally, in-turn becoming the second most popular Twitter Space in 2023. 

With a listener count averaging 50 to 100K per episode, the podcast is renowned for its insightful discussions with prominent figures across the blockchain, finance, tech and entertainment sectors. Hosted by the QuickSwap team, it encourages diverse perspectives while providing credible and engaging content for its audience.

The rebrand aims to expand the podcast’s scope, fostering inclusivity and collaboration across all decentralized ecosystems. The name “The Aggregated” signifies podcast’s commitment to breaking down tribalistic attitudes and promoting collaboration across various projects and ecosystems. The change also reflects QuickSwap’s on-going commitment towards bringing together representatives from a wide spectrum of on-chain technologies, mainstream non-crypto guests and emerging ecosystems. 

By doing so, the leading DeFi suite on the Polygon network – QuickSwap, hopes to facilitate healthy, potentially industry-changing debates and discussions.

A Proven Track Record of Influence and Engagement

“All Roads Lead to Polygon” played a pivotal role in promoting the Polygon ecosystem and its scalability solutions. As it transitions to “The Aggregated,” the podcast now aims to serve the broader Web3 market. 

Moreover, previous guest list featured notable names including Wendy-O, BitBoy (Ben Armstrong), Dapp Radar and Polygon founder Sameep Singhania, including the primary intel team for Former President Donald Trump’s “We The People Arizona Alliance”. Each episode offers a unique blend of information and entertainment — making it a go-to resource for staying ahead in the world on-chain technology.

With the rebranding, “The Aggregated” aims to continue delivering the latest news, major developments and exclusive insights from all corners of the Web3 space. The podcast will maintain its reputation for open debates and diverse personalities, further bridging gaps and pushing the boundaries of innovation within the community. 

The new format invites everyone — from new projects, emerging ecosystems, key opinion leaders, media, celebrities, CEOs and all Web3 enthusiasts to join and share their stories and insights.

Join “The Aggregated” Every Friday on Twitter

You can tune-in to QuickSwap’s “The Aggregated” every Friday on Twitter at 3 p.m. UTC. By embracing a more inclusive approach, the rebranded podcast promises to be a vital resource for staying ahead in the Web3 and tech community, driving conversations and collaborations that shape the future of decentralized technology.

For those looking to become a guest, reach out through their official Telegram or Twitter handles: @QuickswapDEX, @MBDMCrypto or @Panda_QuickSwap.

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