Bitcoin Pizza Launches To Support Development

Bitcoin Pizza enables restaurants to deliver Bitcoin-branded pizza, with profits going to the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin development fund.

An initiative called Bitcoin Pizza has launched to enable local pizza restaurants to deliver Bitcoin-themed specialty pizzas in Bitcoin-branded boxes on Bitcoin Pizza Day, with profits going to support the Human Rights Foundation’s (HRF) Bitcoin developers fund.

The offering is available in ten cities across the U.S., according to an announcement video shared by cryptocurrency influencer Anthony Pompliano. On May 22 — the eleven-year anniversary of the infamous purchase of two pizzas for 10,000 BTC, the first-ever real-world purchase of a good or service with bitcoin — Bitcoin Pizza will be selling up to 10,000 pies.

The HRF Bitcoin development fund specifically focuses on funding developments that make Bitcoin more private and censorship resistant, propelling projects like Specter Desktop and Lot49, for example.

Bitcoin Pizza offers menu items like a pineapple, canadian bacon and jalapeno pizza called “Satoshi’s Favorite” and a cheese and pepperoni pizza called “Laser Eyes,” as well as appetizers called “Genesis Blocks.”

Despite the absence of privacy policy information on its website, Pompliano clarified on Twitter that Bitcoin Pizza is using a third party to process orders and that he is not planning to access customer data.

Recently, Papa John’s began offering free bitcoin redemptions on a local cryptocurrency exchange for customers in the U.K.

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