BSC Station and GamyFi Partner Up To Bring Gamified NFTs To Ecosystem

BSC Station (BSCS) and GamyFi gaming platforms have partnered strategically to explore possibilities in the NFT – DeFi space. The partnership will enable extra functions aimed at rewarding BSCS tokens holders and users of the gaming platform. 

The team at BSCS tweeted the announcement:

“Glad to welcome @GamyFi_HQ as another strategic partnership in the #BSCStation ecosystem. We will work together to explore more opportunities in the NFT+Defi Space and expand #BSCS token & Genesis NFT utilities to more gaming ecosystems.”

New Functions And Opportunities 

BSCS and GamyFi have several ways to explore the new functions that NFT and DeFi provide. GamyFi will bring special BSCStation NFT, which holders of BSCS will be able to win as gifts. Users can auction the GamyFi NFTs on the BSCS platform. 

The auction needs to be made using BSCS tokens for better price discovery. BSCS will use a special lock to attach BSCS tokens to the GamyFi NFTs. Only the owner of the NFT can claim it in the future. Users can also stake BSCS tokens on the BSCS platform and earn exclusive GamyFi NFTs.

The partnership will also include the BSCS Genesis NFTs. These NFTs will have specific features and will be available in the Gamy Fi gaming ecosystem. Users will also be able to use BSCS tokens as a payment method to purchase GamyFi NFTs.

NFTs to Form A Deflation Ecosystem

The activities that GamyFi and BSCS bring to the table have more practical applications and higher potential for the two companies., and its users. Users and token holders of BSCS Genesis NFT cards will have access to future drops, farming multipliers, airdrops, and blind boxes. 

It can also unlock items in the next generation of games powered by NFTs and blockchain. The NFTs can only be bought with BSCS tokens which can then be traded in the BSCS NFT Auction platform. The NFT auction fees will be used to buy back and burn the BSCS tokens, thus forming a deflation ecosystem.

About GamyFi 

GamyFi is an Esports and gaming platform based on blockchain technology. Gamers and sports fans who apply their knowledge and skills using the Polkadot ecosystem and multi-chain scalability are rewarded for their support to the blockchain and gaming industry.  

The platform consists of multiple applications, games, and Esports products. These include Fantasy Sports, NFT Marketplace and Games, PVP Multiplayer Games. Gamers and sports lovers have a platform to play, invest, and win while doing something they love. 

About BSC Station

BSCS is a platform that provides the infrastructure for DeFi and NFT on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It aims to build a Full-Stack DEFI with NFT Auction and become an economic infrastructure powered by the BSC.

It operates on top of existing blockchains and is designed to offer maximum value to customers and institutions. It represents the ideal use case that can leverage all the technologies provided by the BSC. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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