Cannabis Cryptocurrency BitCanna goes to space!

Cannabis cryptocurrency BitCanna is transforming its blockchain technology and joining the Cosmos Ecosystem. BitCanna’s current blockchain operates on a custom-built version of BTC/DASH technology, which was a great payment network for a long time. However, this technology was released over a decade ago (2009), and, although it’s still performing quite well, it simply can’t keep up with BitCanna prosperous development. 

Blockchain technology surrounded itself with an outstanding community of developers, entrepreneurs, and innovation-driven enthusiasts, so it’s crucial for everyone in this field to constantly step up their game. With that in mind, BitCanna has decided to improve their blockchain technology to a better, faster, and ultimately more modern version—Cosmos. The team is already trialing it on their testnet, and what could be a better way to reach the moon than going to the cosmos?

Cosmos will improve the infrastructure of BitCanna, the transfer of BCNA coins, and, eventually, help BitCanna to build a highly efficient supply chain layer and trust network. Given the limitations of previous technology, Cosmos is the totally right upgrade for the BitCanna network and its community.


The cannabis industry has been stigmatized by society and regulators for decades, despite its proven efficacy in treating and preventing many diseases. Fortunately, the situation has begun to change and a legal cannabis market has emerged with reliable seed suppliers. And although cannabis is going out of the woods, traditional financial institutions are not yet ready enough for this. Banks and many other payment systems do not allow transactions related to this business or offer inflated commissions per transaction, forcing them to resort to cash payment, which is not very convenient. A unique project that provides a decentralized payment network for the legal cannabis seeds industry BitСanna comes to the rescue.

A key element of the BitСanna ecosystem is BitCanna Coin (BCNA), which allows you to purchase goods provided by main players in the cannabis market quickly and easily. An impressive list of BitCanna’s partners and suppliers includes such world-famous companies as Barney’s Farm or Royal Queen Seeds. Together, they form the BitCanna Alliance project, the mission of which is to address the mass adoption and transparency of the cannabis industry.

Why do people choose Bitcanna? We can’t speak for people, but gladly BitCanna’s features can speak for themselves:

  • Only trusted suppliers with quality goods

As we mentioned earlier, the BitCanna Alliance independently searches, researches and recruits the best of the best cannabis growers in the world. You no longer run the risk of being caught by scammers or simply unreliable sellers. 

The BitCanna Alliance also supports BitCanna’s blockchain project, joining forces to develop the best possible payment solution. Once it’s launched, all members of the BitCanna Alliance will be able to add the BitCanna payment solution to their website. For now, Zamnesia and Royal Queen Seeds already use the beta version and are very satisfied with the results so far.

  • Small transaction fees 

You can’t even imagine how small these commissions are. Transaction fees on BitCanna blockchain itself are 0.0001 BCNA (approx. 0.00001 USD at the current market rate). And if you prefer to pay directly with your Visa or Mastercard bank card, you don’t need to pay fees for withdrawing cryptocurrency from an exchange, trading fees, and any costs involved with buying bitcoin, there is just a flat-rate fee of 8% on every order of BCNA.

  • User-friendly interface and accessibility

There are only two steps between you and your desired purchase of cannabis-related goods: download the simple and convenient BitCanna app to your mobile phone and scan a special QR code on a merchant’s website. Besides, for this you do not even need to search or exchange cryptocurrency on another platform, everything you need is already in one easy-to-use app.

  • Customer focus at its finest

In addition to ensuring the comfortable use of BitCanna services for its customers, their partners offer discounts on purchases using BCNA. For instance, you can save up to 15% on your purchase in Royal Queen Seeds or Zamnesia.

  • Complete security and reliability

BitCanna is constantly thinking about how to make the user experience as secure as possible. Perhaps this is the main advantage of projects based on blockchain technologies. In the near future, you will just have to confirm your identity using BitCanna ID (immediately after the procedure, the information is encrypted). Users aren’t the only ones to be verified, it works the other way as well. Sellers are mandatorily scrutinized before entering the market and the results of this assessment are reflected in merchants’ trust rating. 

Importantly for many users of such services, your bank statement will not display any information about the transaction, so your bank won’t know what you purchased and where. Any information related to the transaction is securely stored in the BitCanna app as well as all your account details.

Thus, if you are interested in the topic of cannabis, you will find an analogue of BitCanna, neither among traditional institutions nor among other innovative projects in this field. BitCanna combines focus on the positive aspects of the sale and use of cannabis, moreover, improves the reputation of this controversial product in the global market. At the same time, they bring practical benefits to their users by providing the highest quality services for the sale and purchase of cannabis from trusted suppliers using the BCNA token. So why don’t you download the BitCanna app right now?


Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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