Citcon And Flexa Bring Bitcoin Payments To Global Retailer Network

Mobile payment infrastructure company Citcon has enabled bitcoin payments for its worldwide network of retailers with Flexa.

Mobile payment infrastructure company Citcon has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency payment network Flexa to enable bitcoin as a payment option for more retailers around the world.

Any of the 6,000 global brands connected to Citcon can now opt in to accept bitcoin through Flexa, as well as other cryptocurrencies such as ether and litecoin.

“It empowers consumers to use digital currency payments with virtually no overhead, at the lowers cost, and while enabling merchants to receive settlement in U.S. dollars or the digital currency of their choice,” per the announcement.

Citcon’s mobile payment offerings have been leveraged by large brands like L’Oréal, Nordstrom, MGM Resorts and more, so the ability for customers of these brands to pay with BTC could serve as a significant adoption rail.

“We are excited to expand our crypto capabilities by partnering with Flexa,” Citcon founder and CEO Chuck Huan said in the announcement. “Enabling digital currencies to make purchases at businesses around the world helps to push forward the development of the future of payments. The partnership with Flexa allows our merchants to accept digital currencies so that brands around the world can access the expansive spending power of cryptocurrency holders.”

According to Flexas Cofounder Trevor Filter, merchants are at the center of the company’s approach to payments.

“Which is why we are delighted to support Citcon in strengthening their suite of merchant-friendly payment offerings,” he noted in the announcement.

The alliance between the two companies provides a new avenue for global consumers to access utility for their bitcoin holdings at online and in-person retailers.

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