DAFI Protocol announces partnership with Seascape

Seascape has teamed up with DAFI Protocol in a recent partnership announcement that will see the synthetics creator (DAFI protocol) partner with the decentralized ecosystem and enable Seascape to create dTokens. 

Seascape is a gaming platform powered by DeFi & NFT’s that will be using the partnership to assist them in employing dCWS tokens as rewards tokens as well as enabling staking for their users.

The founder of DAFI protocol, Zain Rana, commented on the partnership that will enable $CWS users to be rewarded by using the DAFI incentive model. 

“Today, gaming platforms possess DeFi attributes such as staking and liquidity mining mechanisms to attract users to their platform. With appropriate incentivization being a key in the decentralized space, DAFI synthetic tokens allow the creation of a more user-focused experience. The integration of DAFI’s functionalities into the Seascape ecosystem will benefit the network. Synthetic dCWS tokens will fuel sustainability and will simulate long term network activity in the Seascape ecosystem.”

As DeFi continues to grow in popularity, partnerships such as this will help to foster continued excitement and strengthen the adoption of the DeFi ecosystem. Seascape aims to incentivize their users to drive forward the gaming industry along DAFI which enables the creation of synthetics which are key to the distribution of project rewards, bounties, and staking for the community users. 

Here’s what Seascape CEO, David Johansson had to say about the partnership.

“Tokenized rewards are revolutionizing the game industry, but need to be balanced carefully with respect to project tokenomics. This partnership with Dafi will allow us a great deal of flexibility by setting conditions for how users will be able to redeem their CWS rewards. This will allow us to continue offering great rewards to our gamers without inflating the CWS supply more than necessary. This flexibility will allow us to innovate more and more with how we disperse our tokens through future games, and we are looking forward to integrating Seascape deeper into the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.”

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