DIFX: The Cross-Assets Platform To Serve the Future

The Forex market has been around for decades. In 2009, the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was created, which changed the world of traders forever. The success of Bitcoin created huge hype about owning and trading digital assets. Traders had the option to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolio, which they eventually did, and began trading both the assets using different platforms. However, as the portfolio grew, it became difficult to shuffle between multiple platforms to get profits. 

For years, trading platforms focused on one of the segments: either brokerage assets or digital assets. No single platform existed, up until DIFX, to give traders access to commodities, stocks, indices, forex, and cryptos. Launched as a crypto-asset trading platform, DFIX is a new and fully insured exchange that is out in the market to meet the long-due demands of traders who would like to enjoy the benefits of the cryptocurrencies and traditional brokerage assets- at one place. 

Crypto and Forex: Two Generations of Opportunities on One Platform

With the rapid development of the trading market, newer and better ways of trading are being continuously introduced, with DIFX at the forefront that offers two generations of opportunities on a single platform. It is a multi-asset trading environment that offers traders exposure to cryptos, stocks, forex positions, indices, and commodities. 

The DIFX project is a cross-asset trading platform that provides an array of investment solutions to traders and investors. It offers features like-

A user-friendly interface, making it convenient for users to make the most of both worlds, cryptos and traditional brokerage. Traders demand easy features and better flexibility for their daily tasks, and DIFX satisfies those UI and UX needs. 

Competitive fees: DIFX intends to build itself a long-lasting reputation of both reliability, and offering traders and investors surprisingly-low fees on transactions.

No Downtime: Unlike other exchanges that stop services due to high transaction volume, DIFX ensures the exchange doesn’t have outages or downtime errors, for traders can take advantage of the volatile market.

Low Latency: DIFX is all about speed and minimizing latency to ensure traders can quickly run trading strategies and algorithms for analyzing minute price changes and executing trade orders. 

DIFX Token: The Heart of DIFX’s Community

At the center of the Digital Finance Exchange platform is the DIFX token that will be used throughout the platform for both traders and projects. Token holders can enjoy up to a 50% discount on DIFX exchange, staking opportunities to earn new tokens, as well as high returns for providing liquidity. DIFX token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. 


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