How to Earn Money while Conquering in Faraland RPG

How to Earn Money while Conquering in Faraland RPG

The beginning of the end of your video game being a sunken cost is here. Ever wanted to play a game on your phone and earn real money while conquering land and winning battles? Faraland is offering this via an RPG (role-playing game) featuring NFT heroes, land systems, pet-raising, a DAO platform, and a low-fee marketplace, all on Binance Smart Chain. The final and full game will roll out at the start of the next calendar year according to their roadmap.

Let’s back up for a second: how did we get here so fast? Earning money in an RPG with NFT marketplace integrations seems almost too good to be true. It started gradually, from ideas of incorporating non-fungible tokens into games being poked around by industry minds like Wes Levitt of Theta since 2018. The first and easiest way to incorporate NFTs into games is to have a completely decentralized world in which players can show off which NFTs they already have.

Enter the Metaverse

Numerous growing metaverses flooded the market, namely Somnium Space, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, Wilder World, and Webaverse. These worlds feature entire ecosystems which allow users to speculate on land, buildings, clothing, vehicles, art, and NFTs that have yet to be invented. Some of these metaverse worlds have play-to-win games or casinos built on top of their platform.

This is only the inception of what is coming.

Enter Role-Playing Games

The latest craze in the NFT-gaming space is Voxies, an RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain that has gained an enormous amount of traction. There are reports of Voxies gamers in third-world countries playing to make a profit. Voxies attracted a base of gamers who prefer role-playing or conquest-based games. The RPG style allows for less speculation of NFT assets themselves and more task-oriented style of play for rewards. The momentum hit roadblocks as Ethereum gas fees routinely rose over 200 gwei.

Faraland is the first NFT integrated game built on Binance Smart Chain, which inherently means that the marketplace slippage will be minimal compared to Voxies. Faraland is turn-based as well as an RPG, meaning it requires strategic acumen to win battles or wars that users will face.

Hero Rollout

Pending the announcement this month, Phase 1 of the Faraland roadmap commences with users being able to summon their hero. For 0.5 BNB, users can claim NFT Heroes that have unique features. This will be fully random, not even the team’s developers will know which Heroes will be attributed. By pushing the “summon” button, the system will choose random parts of the body to form a unique character.

Each character holds their own set of characteristics which correlate with their backstories. It’s not clear exactly how strong each Hero is in terms of overall gameplay until the game comes out. Listed in the whitepaper are the generic attributes:

Strength: Increase physical damage + HP + physical defense
Agility: Increase attack speed + movement speed on map + dodging ability
Intelligence: Increased magic damage + accuracy + magic defense
Luck: Critical hit rate.

The next step of the roadmap is the rollout of the Hero Marketplace which will also feature a floor price for each Hero.

Far in Faraland

Phase 2, planned to start in June, is the IDO for FARA token. The FARA token will be the in-game currency and will also have utility right away: if you stake your FARA, it will increase your hero’s leveling.

Later in July, Hero Equipment will be available on the marketplace, which will include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical tiers of the following: Weapon, Headgear, Armor, Footwear, Pants, Glove and Pets. Equipment will be able to be merged together to attain higher levels.

Before the final game rollout, there will be a DAO platform system installed for user voting and a Duel Arena mode where users will test their characters fighting skills. The result of the fight will affect the price of your hero, much like Zed Run.

The end goal is to have a smooth game with 20,000 active Heroes all using the map to conquer regions, win battles and score new NFTs. Through PolkaFoundry, Faraland intends to crossover to multichain compatibility on Ethereum and Polkadot.

Save your criticism for that friend who spends all his time on his phone playing games. They may be making a decent living by slaying Orcs and slashing Dragonborns on the way to conquering Faraland.


How to Earn Money while Conquering in Faraland RPG

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