Interview: James O’Beirne On Bitnomial And Bitcoin Dependencies

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For this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with Bitcoin developer and economist James O’Beirne.

O’Beirne is a Bitcoin Core developer with very unique experiences across disciplines, being both a Bitcoin Core contributor as well as a learned macroeconomics scholar. He took Keroles through his journey from Chaincode Labs in New York to DG Lab and now, to his current project, Bitnomial bitcoin derivatives exchange.

O’Beirne also walked through his designing of a basic command line interface for Coldcard, which he built with no outside dependencies. They closed out the conversation by discussing O’Beirne’s experiences with trading during the depth of the 2020 economic fears and why his experiences with gold solidified his position that bitcoin is an order of magnitude improvement. 


  • Being a long-time libertarian and Austrian economist
  • Learning Bitcoin
  • O’Beirne’s history in the Bitcoin space
  • Trading bitcoin in 2020
  • Trading gold In 2020
  • Why bitcoin is better than gold
  • Why dependancies are bad for Bitcoin

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