NFTs Get Social: UTU.ONE Launches Native NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens. NFTs, for short. Of late, these blockchain-based digital tokens have gained a wide array of attention not just from the media, but also from users looking to collect, and perhaps earn from them.You might be a crypto investor looking for NFTs. You might be an artist curious about how you could earn from your work. Or you might be both. Whichever is the case, NFTs offer everyone in the crypto and blockchain space a unique and immense opportunity to create value from their work.What matters is how we connect and reach out. This is why UTU.ONE, a blockchain-powered social app, has explored its own solution with the launch of its own NFT marketplace, built right into its native social platform.“For creators, UTU’s EOSIO blockchain-powered infrastructure offers unbeatable transaction speed at no minting cost, no transaction fee or service charge, and the smart contract is in place to make sure the creator always gets royalty in secondary sales,” shared UTU.ONE co-founder and CTO Stephan Zhang.

“For users, UTU’s token-based ecosystem awards each community member through profit redistribution, and everyone has a share of the collectively created value. We are immensely excited about this revolutionizing platform, as it will harness the tremendous potential of the NFT market with the power of social,” Zhang adds.

The NFT marketplace designed by UTU allows users to mint, market, and track their NFT creations across all formats possible with current web technologies: users can create swaths of text, an array of images, a collection of videos, or list audio work, all as NFTs authenticated as their own creation.

UTU’s NFT marketplace also lists features built precisely for NFT services, with ownership traceability and bid/auction functions to optimize audience engagement, unique liveness verification to ensure transaction authenticity and block bots, and smart contract security built to deny attempts at piracy or fraudulence.The marketplace, which is currently in open beta phase, accepts both credit cards and crypto for payments. The UTU.ONE Platform’s Beta Test can be accessed for pre-registration through this official link.Through the UTU app, users can connect and create groups and turn them into DACs which then allows for decentralized interactions on its network. Because it is built on EOSIO’s open-source blockchain, UTU is designed to be secure and transparent from the ground up. 

UTU’s social app also features innovative solutions to social networking such as facial recognition sign-ups for new users (liveness verification), free voice and video calls for groups of up to 5000, as well as a built-in crypto wallet without the need for private and public key management. 

Established by a team of experts in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT, with support from executives who hail from such companies as IBM, Alibaba, Apple, and Deakin University’s Blockchain Innovation Lab, UTU developed the world’s first decentralized autonomous cooperative (DAC) application for mobile through the EOSIO blockchain.

The UTU team began in Australia and Canada and now has an established HQ in Toronto to strategically expand its operations to a global scale.

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