Stratis Launches Decentralized Accelerator, Invites Devs to build Next-Gen DApps

Stratis, a blockchain-as-a-service company that designs solutions for interoperability, has to opened invites to decentralized app developers to participate in its Decentralized Accelerator program.The program is a community-governed pool of $10 million in funds set up for dApp developers and makers who wish to build out their projects on the Stratis Blockchain.”The launch of our SDA is an iconic milestone for Stratis – I am excited to witness the Stratis Development Community grow, in turn creating an uptake in genuine and practical blockchain use-cases built using Stratis Blockchain Technologies,” shared Stratis Founder and CEO Chris Trew. “I am ecstatic to see our technology bring blockchain benefits to new and innovative projects and established businesses that aspire to stay ahead of their competition,” Trew added.Stratis has recently launched InterFlux, an interoperability framework that renders Stratis fully compatible with assets on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. With InterFlux live, developers with a familiarity of the .NET Core framework by Microsoft may now build contracts written in a library they already know, thus resulting into minimal adaptation to a new development environment and a lowered learning curve for experienced developers who may not be familiar with the core stacks for building cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.According to Stratis, proposals are now open for submission to and evaluation by the InterFlux Decentralized Governance Board (IDGB). Stratis’ IDGB represents a community of block producers and Masternode validators responsible for the maintenance of the InterFlux sidechain environment. Given how the platform is built, IDGB remains permissionless, and anyone may join in by pooling required resources for the project.Prospective submissions are encouraged to join IDGB’s Discord channel and pitch their idea. The proposal will be deliberated upon by the community and would require details about the product or service, a proper website, and a projection of the funding amount being requested by the proponent.

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