UC Berkeley Announces Blockchain Partnership With Parity Technologies

Berkeley university has  announced a partnership with Parity Technologies. This collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, and Parity Technologies will incorporate the Substrate framework in the University’s blockchain curriculum as an educational tool. 

Parity’s developer education team will be actively involved with Berkeley students studying blockchain technologies, and with the preparation of curriculum and resources.  Polkadot co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood will give a lecture in the A. Richard Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture series as part of the new curriculum. 

The integration of blockchain educational programming with next-gen blockchains like Polkadot, is a significant step for DeFi, and blockchain adoption as a whole. With innovation within blockchain evolving so rapidly, building a substantial educational framework alongside key industry figures is crucial for the next generation of coders and engineers. 

Jocelyn Weber, director at the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology X-Labs in Berkeley Engineering and at the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, commented on the collaboration:

 “Our work with Parity and other Polkadot ecosystem startups has demonstrated  the potential of this technology in educating our community… We strive to expose our students to the tools and skills they will need to enter this space and immediately start making significant contributions — which is why improving their knowledge with tools such as Substrate and networks like Polkadot will be an important part of our curriculum development.”  

Building blockchain based education into university or college curriculums raises awareness of next-gen blockchain technologies, and will provide thousands of Students with the knowledge to contribute to this nascent industry. Shreya Shakar, a lead student liaison for the ‘Blockchain at Berkley’ student club, commented on this development in Berkley’s curriculum, adding:

“Students at Berkeley are excited to be exposed to the innovation taking place in blockchain with second generation protocols, such as Polkadot, and tools like Substrate, and we look forward to carrying this knowledge and experience forward to industry after graduation.”

The Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator was launched in 2019, and has incubated over 40 companies which have raised over $25m in funding. 

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