Whales Bet on PUPS: Bitcoin-Based Meme Coin Set to Soar!

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Happy Bitcoin halving day! The fourth Bitcoin halving has affected altcoins, pushing them to a similar surge and gathering interest from investors worldwide. 

This year, the meme coin segment has witnessed a surge in activity, with established players like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu commanding attention alongside emerging contenders like PEPE and dogwifhat.

But hold on, a meme coin based on Bitcoin itself? You bet! 

PUPS (Ordinals), a layer-2 Bitcoin project, has signalled a potential shift in the meme coin ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the new frontrunner.

Whale Moves Signal a Shift

In the midst of all the excitement surrounding meme coins, a significant transaction has caught the eye of the crypto community. A big-shot investor has shifted their focus to PUPS, swapping hefty amounts of BODEN and WIF for this up-and-coming meme coin.

Positioned as the first meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain, PUPS is attracting attention with its innovative approach and active community engagement. Endorsements from key figures like trader Ansem are adding fuel to the fire, sparking hopes of substantial growth in the meme coin market.

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Recent price movements reflect a surge in investor interest, with PUPS experiencing a notable increase in both price and trading volume. Furthermore, other BRC-20 Ordinals tokens are also seeing significant gains, hinting at a broader trend across the cryptocurrency sector.

The Runes Protocol: Changing the Game

Presenting the upcoming Runes protocol, led by Bitcoin developer Casey Rodarmor! This protocol is set to revolutionize meme coins by leveraging the capabilities of the Bitcoin network. With promises of improved efficiency and security, Runes presents an appealing option for meme coin traders and enthusiasts. Rodarmor’s endorsement further solidifies Runes’ standing in the cryptocurrency world.

As PUPS and the Runes protocol gain traction, the meme coin landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. With pioneering projects like PUPS leading the way, the future of meme coins looks bright, offering fresh opportunities for investors.

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